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January 02, 2011



I'm not one to ask since it's my 6th year anniversary in February.

Write for yourself, not for others. If you're looking for fame and fortune, try your luck with a reality show, instead.

Consider this as a(nother) platform for your (with an emphasis on your) thoughts and ideas.

And, who knows? You might just find/make another random friend. It happened once, right?


Good points S. And yes, I did make a friend from this site (actually two, but I've never met the other one in person.)


Glenn... I have my Facebook friends and I have my Blogging friends. Some are both and I like it that way... There are things I write about on the blog that some of my FB friends would not be interested in, but it is nice to periodically link a page from here to my wall over there.

Keep em both, and use copy and paste!!!

Good to see you are still among the living!


Glenn-Great to see you on here musing again! Life is grande, and some of its more intimate/deeper moments are best captured in long form, instead of the play-by-play of FB. Both are good, but bigger themes and growth in thought might be more observed in blog form.

I have thought often about resurrecting my blog, but having it opened up to people that I want reading it (that is, definitely not all of FB!), perhaps by making them register or have my approval before allowing access to the blog??

Keep them both, but definitely make your blog more selective by password or some other screening...unless you decide to make your blog less personal and more professional in tone (please don't)

Happy 2011 !!


I actually have a real life Facebook account and a blog life Facebook account. I keep them completely separate. (Strictly against the rules, I know, but it works for me.) I tried giving up my blog, but sometimes I want to share more than a paragraph and a blog is still the best place for that.

Besides, I like reading your blog. Numbers don't matter.

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